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Choosing The Right Executor

In my family, Executor’s were traditionally chosen due to their position in the family. While this is not wrong, sometimes it rules out other people who may have a better aptitude or be in a better position to deal with and wrap up your Estate. The personal characteristics of an Executor should include loyalty (to you and your wishes), administratively organized, business smarts, responsibility, and integrity.

Choosing an Executor is a very weighty decision. Your Executor is responsible for administering your Estate, arranging your funeral, proving the Will, liquidating the Estate, paying debts, distributing assets as the Will directs and many other duties. A simple Estate may average at least 70 significant duties for the Executor to undertake. It is important that your Executor be able to keep proper records and be available for an extended period of time to administer your Estate. Not only should you discuss this responsibility with your potential Executor, as it is a very time consuming job, but the Executor must also choose to accept this job.

During our Wills and Estates interview, we will discuss your choices for your Estate.

Choosing Your Notary as Your Executor
I can be named to act as Executor to carry out the administration of your Estate according to your wishes. I offer a trusted professional role for expertise, professionalism, empathy, and understanding.

Reasons why Clients choose me as their Executor:

  • To avoid or minimize conflict between grown children or other family members.
  • To remove stress from a loved one or friend at the time of significant loss.
  • To avoid choosing someone who doesn’t have the ability to carry out all the tasks in a competent or timely manner.
  • To remove the burden and time commitment from a loved one or friend for completing the more than 70 Executor duties required to wrap up an Estate.
  • Proposed Executor does not live close enough (including out of province/country)
  • Family structure has changed and the current Executor is no longer my client’s preferred choice.

I offer:

  • Personalized service to you to carry out your wishes efficiently.
  • Impartiality and personal service to your beneficiaries.
  • Business experience in dealing with the legal, tax, investment, real Estate, asset valuation, insurance and business management aspects of Estate settlement.
  • Knowledge of BC laws & complex rules for Estate administration.
  • Mediation training to work through potential family conflicts or disappointed beneficiaries.
  • Professional responsibility and liability.

Executorship Options:

  1. Sole Executor – Where I am named alone in your Will to act independently to carry out your wishes as stated in your Will. I handle all the details – from gathering your assets through to the distribution of your Estate to your beneficiaries.
  2. Co-Executor – If you feel that your Estate requires the insights of someone with a personal understanding of your situation, I offer a co-Executor service. With this service, you name me as co-Executor of your Will, along with another person, such as a close friend or family member. I take care of the Estate’s administration and make decisions jointly with the person you have chosen as the other co-Executor.
  3. Alternative Executor – Where I act as an alternative Executor if your initial Executor is unwilling or unable to fulfill his or her responsibilities.

If you are interested to choose me as your Executor, please contact me to set an appointment to discuss your Will and Estate. Based on our discussion I will offer a quote for acting as Executor.